Fox’s ‘The Grinder’: Ballsiest Move In Network TV Or A Major Misstep?

There’s a new show coming out this fall on Fox starring Fred Savage and Rob Lowe. They play brothers – one’s a lawyer, one played one on TV. But the show’s called “Grinder” and the tagline is “He Can Get Anyone Off.” We need to raise a serious question here: Does Fox realize what they have between title and tag? We’d have to hope, as it’s far too close to the app of the nearly same name. Do they plan on doing marketing on the app? Will Rob Lowe remove his shirt again like he does in some of his Lifetime movies?

Fox encourages fans to ‘grind’ with them this fall and share their photos on social media

We’d like to think that this is Fox taking a calculated gamble, knowing full well that they’ve named a show one vowel removed from one of the most popular gay dating apps on the Internet. The tagline implies that they know what they’re doing, and interviews with Lowe and Savage have involved the name, going as far as to joke that maybe the show may inspire new apps involving Rob Lowe. In today’s upfront market, we can assume that Fox had ample data on hand to prove that a show with a name close to the app would work. The data most likely tells an ample story.

But the question remains – is this the ballsiest move in network television or a major misstep?